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Apple Introduces S$65 Security Lock Adapter for Redesigned Mac Pro

Apple quietly introduced a new security lock adapter for the late-2013 Mac Pro today, making it available on its online store with shipping times of 24 hours.

The Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter lets you use a compatible Kensington or similar style third-party lock (sold separately) to keep your Mac Pro secure. The adapter attaches without tools and does not modify or damage the Mac. With a compatible lock connected, the Mac Pro Lock Adapter secures the housing to the enclosure, preventing access to internal components.

The security lock adapter enables users to physically secure a Mac Pro via an attachment at the bottom side of the desktop. As stated in Apple’s description, the adapter is compatible with most standard Kensington or similar lock products.

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Shipping Estimates for Mac Pro Improve to 3 to 5 Weeks

Shipping estimates for the new Mac Pro have improved to a time-frame of 3 to 5 weeks, down from 5 to 6 weeks previously, as noted by 9to5Mac.

Apple launched the current second-generation Mac Pro back in December 2013 in limited supply, with delivery estimates quickly slipping within hours of the launch. Up until this morning, Apple’s website listed a ‘5 to 6 weeks’ shipping estimate for the product.

According to 9to5Mac, one reason for the product’s significant delay in achieving supply-and-demand balance could be Apple’s decision to shift production of the Mac Pro to the United States for the first time.

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